Ritanna Armeni
Ponte alle Grazie
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Per strada è la felicità

Rosa is a good provincial girl who arrives in Rome in her twenties with the goal of graduating and finding a job. But we are on the eve of Sixty-eight and the ferment of revolt dwells everywhere: in the avenues of the university, on the banners of the piazzas, at the gates of the factories. When the student movement explodes everything changes, even Rosa. In those incandescent months when faculties are occupied, the violence of batons and tear gas is unleashed, and the lashings of rebellion are savored, Rosa transforms into a young woman, goes to live in a commune, takes charge of her life and pays the price. Orienting herself between love and friendships, between the great classics of Marxism and a movement that wants to change the world, she meets another Rosa, Rosa Luxemburg, and with her she weaves a close relationship with moments of complicity and rupture, of identification and distance. The wind of the new feminism leads the “good girl” and her companions into unknown paths, makes their voices sharper, their struggle clearer and more autonomous. Rosa lives through the years of rebellion against the male order and participates in the assault on the sky of young women who seize with both hands the opportunity to become themselves, to change their lives and the lives of those who will come after them.