Salvatore Straino


Salvatore Striano was born in Naples in 1972.
Imprisoned three years in Spain and five in Rebibbia, during his imprisonment he took acting classes and became passionate about theater, especially Shakespearean theater.
Since then he has been a camorrista for Matteo Garrone, a robber for Guido Lombardi and many other characters, in film and TV. In 2012 he played the role of Brutus in the film Cesare deve morire by the Taviani brothers, based on Shakesperare’s Julius Caesar, which won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival.
In 2015 he co-wrote with Guido Lombardi Teste matte published by Chiarelettere.
His latest book is Sasà’s Tempest (Chiarelettere 2016).


La tempesta di Sasà
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In life we can and very often do get lost. But it is never forever. Salvatore Striano at fourteen had war on his mind, cocaine in his blood, and two guns tucked in his pants. He was one of the leaders of the Crazy Heads, a gang of terrible kids who became camorrists to defend themselves against the Camorra. Street life, years of blood. Then prison, not yet 30 years old. A sealed fate, his. Instead, it is from the lowest and most desperate point that life turns upside down. Thanks to a love that endures despite everything. Thanks to the magical discovery of books and literature, of Shakespeare that begins to flow through his veins like a drug that does not kill but saves. He himself who never went to school. This novel recounts his rebirth, from the hell of the Spanish prison of Valdemoro (Madrid), passing through Rebibbia and becoming, today, one of the most surprising and esteemed Italian actors. A story about us, about the fear of falling and, if we fall, of not making it to get back up, about betrayal, forgiveness, revenge, about the irresistible desire for freedom, about the happy and sad feelings that accompany us when we really live and about the desert that instead governs us when we let ourselves live thinking that everything is already decided, who knows by whom and who knows where. “Sasà’s Storm” is a book about the power of words and literature, about the love of books that can change lives. Sasà is living proof of this.