Santi Laganà
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Anno mille. L’inizio della fine

A.D. 963. Rome experiences one of the most tragic moments in its never-ending history. Civil war looms among the streets and palaces in the anxious wait for Otto the Great to return and impose his law once and for all. The young, faithless Pope’s days are numbered but he is determined to sell his skin dearly. All around is ruin: the city agonizes, the countryside is abandoned to the violence and abuse of gangs of all stripes, there are no rules, and survival is increasingly the first commandment for everyone; for many the only one.
For this is only the beginning of the end of a world that will never be the same again.
It is the world of Anna, who has overcome unspeakable pain and suffering, and now finally lives peaceful days. Unfortunately, however, fate is not yet satisfied with pursuing her, and new terrible pains will once again force her to question her own indomitable existence.
It is the world of Arnolfo, who continues his wandering life as a faithful and stalwart champion of a hopelessly lost cause.
But it is also the world of Ali, a Saracen pirate, of Miguel, a Hispanic petty thief, of Gregorio and Bartolo, two old mercenaries seeking the last shreds of glory, and of so many others who live parallel, distant and different stories that are nevertheless destined to intersect.
Fleeting joys and bloody sorrows await them. United as they are by the will not to surrender to the ignoble reality of their time.