Santi Laganà
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I giorni del ferro e del sangue

A perverted and corrupt teenager sits on the papal throne, what is left of independent Italy is in disarray torn apart by infighting, and the countryside is a no-man’s land where violence and abuse rule.

Anna is a 15-year-old peasant girl who leads a miserable, subservient existence. When her family is slaughtered and her last brother kidnapped to be enslaved, she decides to continue living to pursue that last shred of affection and, supported by an indomitable will, begins a painful wandering through unknown and hostile lands, amidst merciful aid and fierce violence.

On her tormented journey she will meet a knight with a dark past and an unlikely present, a meek-looking old man who hides unsuspected resources, and a shameless and generous young vagabond-a strange company with whom she will try to do justice all the way into the most secret palaces of Rome.

Set in one of the least known and darkest periods of our History, The Days of Iron and Blood is a fresco without filters or rhetoric of an era that is as brutal as it is fascinating, but also the extraordinary parable of a memorable protagonist: a young woman who in the most macho of worlds does not resign herself to a destiny already written and tenaciously struggles to win the right to a better life.


Translation rights:
Suma de Letras (Spanish)
La Campana (Catalan)