Simone Lenzi
Release date:

In esilio

Every family has a quarter of dark blood, passed down from generation to generation. Those who have found peace and serenity, however, must know that the quarter of dark blood runs through their veins and it only takes a little for it to return to claim hereditary rights over every man’s fate. The protagonist of this story, a 50-year-old from Livorno who, with his wife, decides to retire to the countryside to get away from a society in which he no longer finds himself, is convinced of this. Then again, when he traces the lives of his fabulously eccentric relatives, such as Cousin L., standing behind the bar counter from 6 a.m. until midnight, serving customers with whom he never exchanged a word because he “had nothing to say,” or Cousin S., who fled the seminary to lock himself in a room without food or any kind of comfort, he is certain: strangeness runs through the branches of his family tree. It is no wonder, then, that he is reserved for the end he is going to, in exile, far from everyone. Simone Lenzi takes us into the intimate rooms of memory, where the secrets of existence are hidden. A skilled portrayer of human types, with bright colors and intense nuances he delves into the everyday life of three generations, unhinging the paradigms of contemporary literature.
“Is this gifted author not carrying out a melancholy reflection on everyday aspiration and defeat?” – Teresa Ciabatti