Simone Lenzi
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Per il verso giusto

All songs are love songs (even the ones that are not); all songs are political songs (even the ones that are not committed); all songs are catchy (even the ones that when your grandfather heard them, he would look out into his bedroom and shake his head, “What kind of junk is that?”): Simone Lenzi starts from here and among staves, words and big names in Italian and international music-from Gino Paoli to Franco Battiato, from the Beatles to the Rolling Stones-he invites us to enter the great workshop of popular song and discover its behind-the-scenes. This book is also designed for those who do not know music grammar and solfeggio: one can look at a staff as one looks at a beautiful landscape, reading the notes as if they were the contours of a mountain or the waves of the sea.