Sorelle Passera
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Generi di conforto

Well arrived, we are Marisa and Gigi, better known as the Sparrow Sisters, and it is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our kitchen, we hope you remembered to bring the wine. To listen to certain rumors, it seems that once you cross the threshold, as happens with the closet of Narnia, you are catapulted into a parallel dimension that has, yes, something magical and poetic, but where an affectionate disorder reigns undisputed supreme that smells of family and unbreakable bonds.

For as long as we can remember, that is, from the era of stars in broth with cheese, food has been our abecedary of emotions, for all intents and purposes the most natural way we know of to give and receive care and love. We have always cooked for each other in irrepressible raptures of affection, gradually seeking consolation, reward, nourishment and, sometimes it happens to big sisters, even atonement. Like the time when it was Gigi’s turn to taste earth patties, buds and berries so as not to discourage the tiny Mari who handed them to her as if they were dainty gifts.

When we speak of Comfort Genera we mean precisely those precious goods that fill the eyes and the belly and warm the heart: the tastiest recipe ever cooked, a caress at just the right moment, a surprise picnic on the living room carpet, the sudden beauty we encounter inside and outside the home, even where everyone tells you there is no beauty. You will well understand, too, that in this emotional welter it is almost impossible to give yourself a rule, let alone an adjustment.

So be patient because in our book you will find recipes for a wedding banquet or a lazy snack on your own and recipes with vague doses because the main ingredient is family stories and it is impossible to quantify them, especially since each of us stubbornly remembers them in our own way.

We want then from the beginning to be honest to the core: our anarchic streak got the better of even the concept of seasonality, which is why it may happen that the moment after cooking you an invigorating polenta we will tell you the story of the freshest gazpacho.

All we ask is that you let yourselves be carried along confidently, embracing the current and a little of us as well. In fact, let’s embrace it now that you are part of our world, curmudgeonly but sincere, as comfortable as an old house inhabited by wisteria and memories, with portraits hung crooked, flowers on the table, the door wide open, chatting with friends and always something good sizzling on the stove.