Valeria Provenzano
Release date:

Le mille strade per Buenos Aires

San Juan. “You are big now. You’re strong and you’re not afraid of anything.” These are the last words 12-year-old Rosario hears from her mother before she gets into a car that takes her forever away from home. Arriving at the farm, Rosario receives a new name because, unbeknownst to her, she has been sold by her family, forced by poverty, to a couple in need of laborers. From then on, she does nothing but work, following the cycle of the rising and setting sun. At night, however, Rosario tries to keep alive the flame of the memory of his parents and siblings. An increasingly fading flame that is nonetheless vital for her not to feel loneliness. Until the day when a terrible earthquake upsets her destiny. Rosario manages to escape from the farm, but she is no longer alone: she is expecting a baby girl, although the man she loves does not want to follow her. In her head she has only one wish: to return home. But what she finds there is another rejection. Another abandonment. This time because she is pregnant and without a husband. So Rosario realizes that she can only count on herself, that she and her daughter are the only thing that really matters. She leaves for Buenos Aires where, between passionate relationships that fill or break her heart and the unconditional love for her children that makes her feel alive, Rosario struggles and adapts, always seeking the courage her mother whispered in her ear that day. For while one part of her is proud of the independence she has won, another small part is still the little girl who feels rejected by those who should have loved her.