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Il treno dei bambini

Sometimes we have to give up everything, even a mother’s love, to discover our destiny. No novel had ever told this story with such dogged candor.
The Italian publishing case of the last Frankfurt Fair, now being translated into 25 languages.
It is 1946 when Amerigo leaves his Naples ward and boards a train. Together with thousands of other southern children, he will cross the entire peninsula and spend a few months with a family in the North; an initiative of the Communist Party to snatch the little ones out of poverty after the last conflict. With the amazement of his seven years and the sly wit of an alley child, Amerigo shows us an Italy rising from the war as if we were seeing it for the first time. And he entrusts us with the moving story of separation. That original pain we cannot escape, because there is no other way to grow.


Translation rights:
Albin Michel (French)
Seix Barral (Spanish World Rights, Catalan)
DVA (German)
Sonia Draga (Polish)
Patakis (Greek)
Xander Uitgevers (Dutch)
Dudaj Botime (Albanian)
Alma littera (Lithuanian)
Norstedts (Swedish)
Gyldendal (Norwegian)
Athenaeum Kiado (Hungarian)
Meteor Publishing (Romanian)
Porto Editora (Portuguese)
Achuzat Bayit Books Ltd (Hebrew)
Harper Collins (World English Rights)
Euromedia (Czech)
Izdavacka dejnost 88 (Macedonian)
Citic Publishing (Simplified Chinese)
Faro Editorial (Brazilian)
KompasGuide Publishers (Russian)
Dar Al-Saqi (Arabic)
Rosinate (Danish)
Epsilon (Turkish)
Mladinska (Slovenian)
Obsidian (Bulgarian)
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